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How it Started - History and Origins of Black Friday

First Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the most important shopping days

The whole nation adores Black Friday as this is the best time to start serious Christmas shopping and get expensive items with huge discounts. The first Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping days in the USA. Even though this is not an official holiday, many people have a day off on Black Friday, so they can enjoy discounted shopping and special one day deals. However, not many people are aware of Black Friday origins.

Black Friday appeared in the 60s of the previous century. The term “Black Friday” is taken from accounting. At that time accounting was kept by hand and so losses were written using red ink and profits – using black one. The first Friday after Thanksgiving was the traditional day of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (started in 1924) that indicated the official start of Christmas shopping
Steadily all retailers started offering discounts on Black Friday. It was easier to draw more shoppers on this day and the result was better comparing to last minute Christmas sales. Nowadays some companies even offer their special prices starting from the morning of Thanksgiving, but Black Friday remains the most popular and most beloved shopping day. As a rule, electronics and toys are most frequent purchases on Black Friday. Many shops start working earlier on this day, as on 5 am there’s already a horde of people waiting outside.    

Black Friday origins have always implied advertising. Thanks to it this day has become so popular. Nowadays all large retailers print and send Black Friday ads. Online web stores offer coupons and special offers for this day. As sometimes prices are so low that shops cannot make any profit, the number of items eligible for discount is limited. This causes morning anxiety and even battles over most-wanted items. In general, Black Friday is one of the best shopping days in the US and a real opportunity to get expensive items with large savings.

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