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Black Friday Retail Sales

Black Friday can be a unique possibility to buy expensive things on maximum discounts.

Before one ventures into the business side of black Friday sales, a little bit of info about the background is necessary, to understand the overall significance and importance of this special day of shopping in the US.

Black Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving falls usually between 23rd and 29th of November. The reason for this coincidence being, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November and the day following the turkey day is Black Friday. Shop owners and retailers have always considered this date as the official start of the Christmas shopping season, as it is the first day between the two major holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It is that time of the year when shop owners go to great lengths in trying to woo their customers, giving away discounts and free-bees as long as the early hours of the next morning. Some shop owners have adopted innovative marketing tactics to grab the customer’s attention. Some retailers would start their sale from 12 AM in the morning after Thanksgiving. Others would select a more amiable 4 AM in the morning and carry on the sales till the wee hours of the following Saturday. Although a large number of retailers have started to streamline the sale times, usually a typical sale in a store will continue till the early hours of the following morning.
Several methods are applied by shop owners for increasing their sales figures, special offers, promotions and discounts are all part of the one big black Friday sales extravaganza. Deals and promotions are often announced and are valid for this day only. This creates the mad rush that is so common during this day all over the United States. Shoppers are seen starting their shopping sojourn early in the morning and continuing till the wee hours of the following morning trying to catch the discount sales that is available for a single day. It is the biggest shopping experience of the year. No wonder why most retailers and shop owners have termed it as ‘Black” signifying their return to Black or profitability during these days.

In fact neighboring Canadian retailers, in order not to miss out on the shopping spree and thereby losing all of their Christmas sales to US, have started their own celebrations for black Friday. Being a commonwealth country their main event before Christmas has been Boxing Day all along. However they have started to come out with offers of their own on black Friday and attracts their home customers thereby not allowing them to shop in USA.

Canadian customers have always lined up their visit to the USA during this time. A small 7 day stay allows them to bring back $700 CAD worth of items into Canada without having to pay any duty on them. They have traditionally taken advantage of this duty free clause to bring back goods from the USA without having to pay the normal duty.

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