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What is Black Friday? – Putting some light on this day

The day when many stores offer big discounts on almost every item available

If you think that Black Friday is just some other shopping event, then you are greatly mistaken. Stores open very early; as early as 4am, even earlier and offers many kinds of promotional sales to start off the shopping season. It can be your pre-Christmas shopping spree. This day is actually not a holiday but many employers are giving their employees the day off and because of that, the shoppers increase. It is known to be the busiest shopping day since 2005. Stores with black Friday sales are slightly different from normal shop sales. You can get the best black Friday deals at stores by going from shop to shop and canvassing the prices of the items that you want to buy. Many stores offer the best deals on almost every item available.
An example of stores with black Friday sales are Toys ‘R’ Us. They begin their black Friday sales at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day and they offer free boxes of Crayola and crayons along with coloring books to the children for as long as supplies last. Other stores like Aeropostale, Sears and Kmart begin their black Friday sales every Thanksgiving Day morning and are open up until 11pm Friday evening. Black Friday deals at stores like Forever 21 are different because they open their shops on Friday at normal hours and are open up until 2am Saturday morning! In the past however, stores with black Friday sales tend to extend their sales up to the following weekend but it disappeared in the recent years. This may be a marketing technique that is being done by the retailers to generate a greater sense of urgency for the shoppers.

Some retailers that are close to Canada are always attracting cross-border traffic so the major Canadian retailers decided to make promotions that are discouraging the shoppers from leaving the US. Recently, Black Friday deals at stores are being exported now to other nations like Australia and the United Kingdom by the known online retailers like Apple and Amazon.

What are the benefits in going to Black Friday stores?

You have to be ready if you are going to stores with black Friday sales. Be sure to be wary of stampedes in shops. Knowing through the shop’s websites about their Black Friday deals at stores is really a big help; especially if you are trying to find a particular item. This would save you time and effort in trying to find what you want to buy. Black Friday stores offer many promotional items for free so you might even get an item that you really need and you don’t need to pay anything. Just remember to be on the lookout for the long hours of waiting in line just to pay the items you bought though.

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