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Buy on Black Friday

 Black Friday shopping day is one of the most important for all: manufacturers, merchandisers and shoppers and the statistics is changing through the years.

 Statistics for the last year is absolutely different of that from ten years ago. The reality is changing, so are changing people’s preferences and places they choose to buy. Statistics through online giant stores is: online shoppers prefer to buy on Walmart - 21%, 20% Bestbuy, 13% - Target, 11% - Macys, 10% - amazon, Kmart – 9%, Kohl – 9% and Nordstrom – 7%.

Of course you can find other offers on other sites like designer or luxury brands sites but people prefer big stores with better offers.

2010 was the year of spending: shoppers spent 10,69 billion dollars on Black Friday; 2011 was the year of Smartphone shopper.

Some people simply don’t participate at Black Friday shopping because: 62% blame the crowds, 34% don’t want to wake that early, 24% don’t think the savings are worth it, 23% would rather spend time with family, 7% are scarred.

The best things to buy on Black Friday
Those who buy on Black Friday prefer to spend: 64 % on clothes, shoes and accessories, 61% on entertainment, 60% electronics, 20% toys, 18% sporting goods and 18% jewelry.
The number doesn’t match number of 100 because the respondents bought from several categories.
46% usually buy for themselves, 36% buy for others and 18% for both.
55% of buyers are saying thanks to Internet shopping they are less impulsive when buying something and do first a little research, reading about item they want to buy and comparing prices.

Many sources show that buying on Black Friday may not be the best deal for
Winter clothing, toys, luxury items (ie iPhones, iPads, etc), Christmas decorations, Brand name HDTVs, The Latest Digital cameras, Office supplies, and jewelry

If you want to buy something it’s not necessary to look at the statistics to decide whether to buy it or not. Statistics say people spend in average $500 on Black Friday shopping but if you find some great offers you can spend even more but take care to avoid impulsive shopping. On Black Friday it’s very usual to make mistakes and buy things you don’t need simply because it’s on offer.

Take your time and decide whether you need it or not. Think slowly and decide fast.

Black Friday 2012 - Store Hours and Openings

Kmart - Open from 6AM to 4PM and from 8PM to 3AM on Thanksgiving Day. (They reopen from 5AM to 11PM on Black Friday.)
Sears - Open 8 PM Thanksgiving Day
Walmart - Open 8PM Thanksgiving Day
Toys R Us - Open 8PM Thanksgiving Day
Target - Open 9PM Thanksgiving Day
Macys - Midnight, Black Friday
Best Buy - Midnight, Black Friday
Kohl's - Midnight, Black Friday
Victoria's Secret - 5AM, Black Friday
JC Penney - 6AM, Black Friday
Petsmart - 7AM Black Friday 

Have a great Black Friday shopping!

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